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Add Comfort & Style to Your Vehicle

Designed to regulate heat, protect from dangerous solar rays, and improve appeal, auto window tinting offers impressive benefits for every vehicle owner. Though, often only thought of in the warmer months, auto window tinting is beneficial to the everyday driver year-round. Glare, for example, is much worse in the winter months due to the increased tilt of Earth’s axis.

Keep your passengers and interiors comfortable and safe with the added protection of our high-quality window films. Excluding excessive heat, ultra violet light, and blinding glare that can be a strain on any person or vehicle.

With Performance Redefined, It's PRIME Time.

Automotive window tint isn't just about keeping a low profile anymore. XPEL PRIME not only looks cool, it feels cool. It outperforms other types of films to keep you comfortable and protected all backed by the industries only lifetime transferable warranty.

What Auto Window Tint Can Do fo You

Reflect Heat 

Our multilayer nano-ceramic particle technology blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat.

Crystal Clear Signal 

In a digital world, clear communication is key. PRIME XR PLUS construction will not interfere with radio, cellular, or bluetooth signals.

Reduce Fading

Avoid fading and protect resale value with protection from UV rays, heat and other damaging solar energy

Greater Clarity

In the past, keeping cool meant choosing a darker shade of tint. The multi-layer nano construction in XPEL PRIME XR PLUS provides ultra-high performance without reducing outbound visibility.

Block UV Rays 

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.

Enhance Style

Drive in style with an intelligent solar film that will drastically improve comfort, protection, and the appeal of your ride.

Our Window Film Offerings



Safety And Color Stability Like Never Before

Protect yourself from 99% harmful cancer causing UV rays & achieve the privacy you desire with PRIME CS, the most color stable window tint film around.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME CS Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

PRIME XR - $$$

Extreme Performance, Exceptional Quality

Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the line film without breaking the bank.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME XR Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.


The Pinnacle Of High Performace Tint. Period.

Offering 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIM XR PLUS combines a cool look with extreme performance. Let PRIME XR PLUS keep you comfortable and protected no matter the weather. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

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