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Paint Correction Services

Is your paint dull, oxidized, or hazy? When you look at your paint in the sunlight, do you see swirls or scratches that look like spider webs? Then you're in the right place! 

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of polishing painted surfaces on automobiles to remove defects to get your paint looking the best it can. Swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots all distort the appearance of the paint underneath. Think of the paint on your vehicle like a flat plot of land; these defects appear as valleys or divots in that plot of land and reflect the light differently. To get the most shine and mirror-like reflections, the light needs to reflect directly back off the surface. 

Paint correction is a very lengthy process that few detailers have mastered.


When you miss the feeling you had the first day you purchased your car... it may be time for a paint correction. It was love at first sight when your new car's paint was shining and gleaming in the light of the sun. Now, it has lost it's gloss and has become littered with swirls and scratches.  A thick coat of wax can sometimes be a quick, but temporary fix. The professional and correct way to restore your vehicle to a better than new condition is through one of our paint correction services with a ceramic coating package.

Paint correction is a service recommended for new vehicles as well! New does not mean perfect. Imperfections in new factory paint as well as minor swirling from improper dealership washing are common defects that can be addressed through a light machine polish. A brand new vehicle can be brought to a "better than new" condition. 

Man Polishing Car


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